With the objective to realize genealogical research of the name Saraiva to publish it is necessary your cooperation.

In case if you what to help you send an email to
saraiva.leao.ancestors@gmail.com or info@saraiva-leao.com

And put names of your parents and your grandparents and if it’s possible the names and surnames of your ancestors with your genealogical doubts about them. Your participation giving names of your parents and grandparents will give the opportunity to preserve those dates in new edition.

The objective of This research is only to have genealogical dates of the family Saraiva, irrespective of their believes, thoughts and habits. The unique thing is just to preserve memories for the future generations of the name Saraiva.

Saraiva coat of arms:
On the chief blue with three rows of silver vairs (each row consist of four vairs of silver). On the fess point three blue waves on the top of silver (ocean blue water altered with the silver water)

Four blue fleur-de-lis on the gold bordure.